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unless your josh thompson you have no reason to read this crap :) [27 Sep 2006|06:39pm]
I’m here to tell you the story,
Of when the underdogs took the gold
Through their trials and tribulations,
Their story is proudly told

February is when it all began
By the end of the month, they’d concocted our plan
The Seniors were known for their wins every year
Crushing the underclassmen, it’ll stop this year

So the Juniors decided to take a stand
Protect the youngsters from being bruised at the hand
Of their “Ancient Colleges”, they tried to break
The spirit of their elders, their title at stake

So the week began, and it did not begin well
First was Pajama day, and I hate to tell
That the Juniors, though fighting they were
Their Ancient Colleges they could not stir.

The next day began and ended quite like the last
Most everyone wore a costume, but the Junior class
Found it hard to keep up to the Elders of a year
But the next day, they were ready to cheer

The time had come, The gym was set
Each team was at home, awaiting the threat
Of a loss to the Seniors, no one could stand
So together, the Juniors did band

They dressed in their colors, Pink and Gray
On this the most important Day
They bandana’d their heads, painted their faces
And nervously but proudly took their places.

The could hear from the back room where they did wait
The sounds of hundreds of fans, who did await
Their pink and gray warriors, to close the deal
And send the Elders packing, though it seemed unreal.

When they heard their names, out they came
Hearts pumping with adrenaline, this wasn’t a game
This was serious business, everyone knew
A barbarous night was beginning to brew

With themselves The Pink and Grays felt pretty fearless
Until they heard the dull thunder of feet, they began do digress
A sea of pumpkins, dawning orange and green
Came out to the floor, mean green fighting machines.

It was time to begin, the war had begun
And like a battle, this was no fun
The Juniors had business that needed attending
Before this long night reached its ending

It started off well, the Juniors were quick to the lead
They were their to protect the youngsters of the elders greed
Outrageous Orange Obstacles, Perpetuous Pie pig-outs
The Juniors we’re in place to win, there was no doubt.

And once the final game was played
Each team awaited anxiously and prayed
That the scores were what they were all thinking
This could be the day they leave the elders sinking

And sure enough, the words were spoken
The underclassmen leapt to their feet, their spirits awoken
They danced and rejoiced, festivities for all
Except the poor seniors, who most likely did bawl

Though they did go on to win the whole competition
The Juniors had definitely accomplished their mission
Their Ancient Colleges were put in their place
And that day will forever be hard to erase.
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[16 Sep 2006|11:45pm]
KaizieBabie88 (11:13:09 PM): http://img218.imageshack.us/img218/904/hillbillypt7.jpg
edbeltsrock (11:26:19 PM): ha!
edbeltsrock (11:26:31 PM): sorry, definately laughed out loud
KaizieBabie88 (11:27:02 PM): hahaa, thought you'd like that
edbeltsrock (11:27:11 PM): definately
edbeltsrock (11:27:16 PM): i love that guy
KaizieBabie88 (11:28:44 PM): haha he was there today
KaizieBabie88 (11:28:50 PM): i took that picture in your garage
KaizieBabie88 (11:28:53 PM): haha
edbeltsrock (11:29:02 PM): I know, I saw him strumming away.
edbeltsrock (11:36:03 PM): he was pretty excellent
KaizieBabie88 (11:36:28 PM): yeah, he has such a talent
KaizieBabie88 (11:37:22 PM): he ended up drinking the gold paint though.
edbeltsrock (11:37:53 PM): ahhhh, so thats where it went. I was wondering why his lips were metallic
KaizieBabie88 (11:39:24 PM): let me guess, he told you it was his new lip gloss?
edbeltsrock (11:40:14 PM): yeah, but when I asked to see it he got all nervous and his eyes were darting around. then he craped his pants.
edbeltsrock (11:40:28 PM): and his crap was a very suspicious shade of gold.
edbeltsrock (11:40:49 PM): I cant believe I didn't pick up on it though.
KaizieBabie88 (11:41:34 PM): yeah. he's a fantastic liar.
edbeltsrock (11:42:07 PM): here, I thought it was so spectacular I had it mounted onto a piece of wood: http://www.brownfido.com/DogPoopGold2.jpg
KaizieBabie88 (11:42:19 PM): hahaha
KaizieBabie88 (11:42:22 PM): how did you find that?
edbeltsrock (11:42:32 PM): I typed gold poop into google images
KaizieBabie88 (11:42:42 PM): hahah i love the internet
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[09 Sep 2006|09:40pm]
Homecoming float part 1Collapse )
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[04 Sep 2006|01:34pm]
Is there a way to politefully decline being a bridesmaid?


A Trolley?



It's just to much. It started off being a little quirky. kind of cool. now its just one big damn circus. and I don't want to be a part of it.

and contrary to popular belief (aka as in you two) that building is a fucking B&B. No one is going to be comfortable in there.

I can guarantee i'm going to have a horrible time.

you're all going to be too damn wrapped up in this mess to even remember it's my graduation. all about you.

so yeah, I'll pay for the dress, just leave me the hell out of this fiasco.
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[29 Aug 2006|06:56pm]
The first day of school is never as depressing as the night before the first day of school.
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[26 Aug 2006|09:59pm]
you've changed.

As biast as I am, I honestly don't think it was your fault. She changed you.

It's strange, you always used to be someone who was stubborn and had their own opinions. Not anymore. Whatever she says, goes. I'm all about breaking stereotypes, but seriously, grow some balls and make some of your own fucking decisions!

You guys were perfect. Everyone said it, and most of them still agree. Now I understand that the only reason you too look so damn perfect is because she's made you into this fucking J.Crew model. You know what?


I'd take the old person I knew over perfection any day. A person with their own personality. A person that had an opinion and didn't mind sharing it. A person that wasn't constantly shot down and shut up by their spouse's condescending glare.

God, I hate that fucking glare.

She gives it to me too, you know. That huge falling out we had a while back when our family was completly pissed at eachother. When she rolled her eyes and slammed my bedroom door as she left my room. When she whispered about me outside my door and I heard him try to stick up for my. "Jesus Christ, she's only 17, she's allowed to cry." And when we all sat down in the living room to talk, I finally got up the courage to say to her "Don't fucking slam my door and make me look like and idiot in my own house." And what did she have the audacity to say? "Honey, I did not slam your door."

It took all the self control I had not to get up and slap her. I would have rather her blow her lid and show some real damn emotion than just sit there and make herself look like she's the only sane one in the room.

And now your getting married.

I just want to see you happy. But I know that you aren't. You've changed. I miss the person I could talk to. Now I don't know what I can say that wont offend anyone. When did our family ever care about offending anyone.

come back.

(P.S. I hate your brother. I don't want to be escorted down the aisle by him. He's a pansy.)
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[26 May 2006|11:38pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

So I love my brother.

No one else has ever supported my in the ways that he has. He sees so much potential in me its amazing.

He's my best friend.

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Opinons anyone? [06 Apr 2006|01:27pm]
So our assignment for digital media was to take an existing artist and an existing cd and make a new cover for that cd. Having Photoshop at home means I can work on the project at home and this is what I came up with:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

The original is 200X better quailty but I had to lower the quality so I could host the image.

Basically I chose my favorite song by Iron and Wine and each picture starting from the upper left hand corner all the way to the bottom right follows the song. "Cinder and Smoke" is the name of it in case your interested in figuring out what the hell all those images mean. ;) We were given nothing for this project so I pretty much did whatever the hell I wanted to do and thats why I need your opinions just in case it sucks :)

thanks guys!
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:O [19 Feb 2006|10:48am]
Mac Users Face First Apple Virus

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[11 Feb 2006|08:30pm]
you know...

there is no way in hell my mom would have let me go with you guys...but considering you're my friends it would've been nice if you'd asked.

and I know about the party, guys. don't patronize me by acting like it never happened or try to change the subject. I can see it in your eyes when you're lying. I'm not an idiot.

ahhh, I need to re-evaluate some aspects of my life...
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yet another amazing convo with kailin... [06 Feb 2006|07:16pm]
edbeltsrock: what animal pouts?
kaiziebabie88: ok...u got me there
edbeltsrock: the whinocerous.
edbeltsrock: what now, (insert racial slur here)?!
kaiziebabie88: thats not even a real animal!!!!! u just lost 50 of my friendship points!!!!
edbeltsrock: *jaw drops*
edbeltsrock: 50 is a completely irrational amount of points to drop.
kaiziebabie88: fine. than i'll drop 150!!!!!!
edbeltsrock: it clearly states in rule 243.432.53243 of the friendship manual that joke teller has the right to make up an animal to improve the quality of the joke and not be penelized for doing such.
kaiziebabie88: i cant believe u just waasted at least 22 sceonds of your life typing all of that out
kaiziebabie88: u just lost another 10 points
kaiziebabie88: not friendship points
kaiziebabie88: life points
kaiziebabie88: sucks dude
edbeltsrock: *throws self off cliff*
kaiziebabie88: haha
edbeltsrock: DID YOU JUST LAUGH AT MY DEATH, FRIGGEN (insert different racial slur)?!
kaiziebabie88: no.
kaiziebabie88: YESSSS
kaiziebabie88: haha
edbeltsrock: oh no you di'int
kaiziebabie88: oh it has been broughten!
edbeltsrock: imma whoop yo ass wit ma chapstick
kaiziebabie88: yo chapstick?
kaiziebabie88: shitttt
edbeltsrock: yeah. you heard right
edbeltsrock: you best be runnin'
kaiziebabie88: u playin me foo? or are u fo real
edbeltsrock: you best be believin' I ain't playin
kaiziebabie88: Well, alright. I was just checking with you my fair maiden.
kaiziebabie88: I am going to go now, and possibly have a smidgen of cream de ice.
edbeltsrock: aye. the winds are changing, my lady. ye who bringith chapstick to battle hath already won.
edbeltsrock: hahah
edbeltsrock: enjoy
kaiziebabie88: hahaha
edbeltsrock: ye olde ice cream
kaiziebabie88: love it
kaiziebabie88: the winds are changing cuase they are coming out of yo ass (racial slur)!
edbeltsrock: haha
edbeltsrock: k, I laughed out loud
edbeltsrock: you win
edbeltsrock: enjoy your icecream
kaiziebabie88: hahah
kaiziebabie88: peaceeee
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[25 Jan 2006|06:23pm]
sometimes I wish I could just spill my heart out to a complete stranger.

not because i'd want them to care, but because everyone else is too close to share all this useless information with.
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This is for the people from Kara's party who heard me ramble on about the black wise man... [20 Dec 2005|04:56pm]
....apparently kara's manger isn't the only politically correct one out there.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

I was in my cellar today and I turn around to change the radio station and look what is staring me right in the face. A little black wise man! who knew?

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

he does look a little petrified though, eh? Can't blame him I guess, residing in such a vanilla community.

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[18 Dec 2005|12:33pm]
For Emily Tasca:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us


Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

love :D
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[16 Dec 2005|11:22pm]
I just had a great party with a bunch of amazing people.

and for some reason, i'm depressed.

explaination anyone?

I'm just hoping it's pms.... but either way it sucks. :\
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[08 Dec 2005|09:03pm]
sweet meme (swiped from xliveandletdiex)

Take the first sentence of the first post you made each month this year.

January: Happy New Year, folks!

February: (MISSION: Dress up pet to look like one of the members of the Barenaked Ladies. The best 3 get to meet the band! )

March: It's weird, but i've really fallen in love with the whole Emerson, Thoreau, and Transcendentalism thing.

April: ipod ipod ipod!!!!! yay!


June: Saw Madagascar yesterday.... very cute.

July: haha, I love steph!!

August: *dead*

September: Hey, i've got good news.

October: Dear Red Sox, I'm crying.

November: Picture Post: (The Hunt and Halloween night)

December: Ok, so here's the scoop. I just had a pretty decent conversation with my love, Jackie Cady, about drinking and such.

(P.S. having the flu suckssss.)
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[06 Dec 2005|07:27pm]

ok, so if this isn't a time to get new cellphones, I don't know what is.

My mom is checking her email today and recieves this:


Your tickets for the Dec. 2 Barenaked Ladies show at Mohegan Sun
will be available for you at will call.

Congrats and let me know if you have any questions,


Apparently mom had entered a text messaging contest that would send you a text if you won the chance to go backstage and have front row tickets.

We'll, apparently we won.

But we didn't get the text message.

So we sat in our decent seats but didn't get backstage.

Even though we could have.

But I talked to a Megan and she was really nice about the entire thing and said she'd get the guys to sign something for me and send me the new CD/ USB thing.

But still, wahhhh.

Thanks for letting me vent. haha

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[01 Dec 2005|06:02pm]
Ok, so here's the scoop. I just had a pretty decent conversation with my love, Jackie Cady, about drinking and such. And here's what i've decided:

1. Drinking. It's pointless. Seriously.
2. Waste of time, money, and vomit.
3. Buzz? WTF?! Go watch TV or something. Still funny minus the headache.
4. I'm sick of people filling in those quiz things like "Wouldn't you like to know ;)" when they ask about drinking and being drunk. Let it go, we're not in 2nd grade. Either you have or you haven't, and a majority of the people who put yes or something like that are lying. I admit to having done that before.
5. I'm sick of people considering me a "good kid". (no offense Jackie, I know you didn't mean anything by it) But honestly, does drinking make you a bad kid? Are you a rebel cause you've gotten drunk? I'd hate to see what you guys consider someone who shoplifts. ;)
6. And speaking of which, don't talk down your nose to me like you've "seen the world" because you've had a drink. Congrats... I bet I could still beat your ass at many other things besides drinking.
7. My favorite is "I just want to see what it's like". What if I stapled my hands together and my response to you was "Well, I just wanted to see what it would be like to have my hands stapled together."?

Well, there you go. My thoughts on underage drinking. Maybe just drinking in general. I'll let you know when i'm 21.

(p.s. In case you're wondering. I have indeed had a drink or two before so don't think this is coming from BS)
(p.p.s. Please don't think this is pointed at any one person. Like I said, it's just a general thing of come to realize)

Love you all,

(EDIT: added #7)
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[26 Nov 2005|04:47pm]
stolen from felo LJ-er...

Open iTunes or Windows Media Player to answer the following. Go to your library.

How many songs? 968

Sort by song title:
first? "A" You're Adorable (The Alphabet Song)- Perry Como
last? Your Winter- Sister Hazel

Sort by time:
shortest? Hai Raba!- Bend It Like Beckham Soundtrack
longest? Chapter 9: The Half Blood Prince (HP:HBP Audiobook)

Sort by album:
first? (Whats the Story?) Morning Glory?- Oasis
last? Yourself or Someone like You- Matchbox Twenty

Top Five Most Played Songs:
1.) Learn To Fly- Foo Fighters
2.) Those Sweet Words- Norah Jones
3.) The Freshman- The Verve Pipe
4.) Jerk It Out- Caesars
5.) Everythings The Same- The Vanity Project

First song that comes up on Shuffle: Answer- Sarah McLachlan

Find "sex", How many songs come up? 2

Find "death", How many songs come up? 1

Find "love", How many songs come up? 39... damn, thats terrible. :/
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[13 Nov 2005|09:43pm]
Ok, so this coat (in ivory) is officially my life....


now, yes, I realize it's $225, but I would sell my soul for it. The question is, my mom will only get it for me if she drops a bunch of other Christmas gifts.
The question to yous guys is, is it worth it?

And don't try to point me in the direction of a cheaper one. Thanks, but i've been to JCrew JUST to try on this jacket, and I have fallen in love.

Secondly, since we're on the subject of JCrew, Winterball. I'm kind of sort of on the search for a dress and since the theme is Black and White attire/ old school movies, it makes the dress search all the more exciting/difficult. Personally, I woud be fine with either of these...



either, of course in black or white....anyway, opinions?

thanks, friends.
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